What to Do After a Fire In Your Home

A Home Fire

A Home Fire. Image from truecleanrestoration.net

If a fire damaged your home, you need to act fast to preserve as much as you can. Follow this checklist to begin the fire damage restoration process.

The First Steps

Once the fire department puts out the fire, they will let you know if you can use your utilities. If your electric, water or gas lines are unsafe, the department will turn them off. They will also tell you if the home is safe to enter. Be sure to heed their advice to avoid becoming trapped in an unsafe structure.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Get in touch with your insurance company as soon as possible to discuss how to make your claim. They will tell you how to make a list of damages. If you have to rely on hotels or restaurants while you’re displaced, be sure to keep receipts. Always keep track of when you talked to the insurance company and who you talked to.

Hire Someone to Rebuild Your Home

Integrity Restoration in San Diego Once you have the ok from your claims adjuster, hire a certified, professional fire damage restoration company to clean up, repair and, if necessary, rebuild your home.

Fire and water damage restoration doesn’t have to be a scary process if you hire the right home restoration company. To get the best results, always work with a technician who is friendly and doesn’t make you feel rushed.

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