How To Respond To A Flooded Home

Wall Damage
Wall Damage. From

If your house has been damaged by water there are things you can take on yourself, but a qualified professional will most likely be required to eliminate any structural or health concerns. The water that flooded your house can carry pathogens that will lead into a breeding ground for mold spores. It only takes 24 hours for the mold to spread throughout your home which will make it much more difficult to remove. If the threat of mold becomes too overwhelming the city can come in and condemn the structure.

Green Heat SD state that homes are very sensitive when it comes to water damage since the moisture is very difficult to find after the water has receded. Standing liquids can speed up the mold growth within 24 hours and seep through your drywall and saturate your carpet. The moisture can get behind your walls where the bacteria and mold is out of sight and create additional damage. If you are able to respond quickly after the flooding has occurred there is a chance you can save things like your furniture, personal belongings and clothing.

If you are entering your home for the first time, make sure you shut off the power at the service panel. Entering a home with the power still on can result in serious injury or sometimes death by having exposed wires or devices plugged in and getting electrocuted. When you are walking through your home move slowly, there can be rodents, snakes and reptiles hiding under debris. To best protect yourself it recommended to wear protective clothing, rubber gloves, vapor respirator and eye protection. A good pair of thick rubber boots is also recommended to protect you against animal bites.

If your home is damaged by water it is important to respond immediately to minimize the damage.