4 Popular Surface Materials for Your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel

A Kitchen Remodel By harveyremodeling.com

When you decide it’s time at last to start the kitchen remodel you’ve been visualizing for so long, it’s important to make the right choices with regard to countertop surfaces. As with any home remodel decision, it’s one that’s likely to stick with you for years to come. Here’s the lowdown on five of the most popular choices for your new counters.


Whether you’re talking about porcelain or ceramic, tile remains a go-to solution for its affordability and versatility. It’s durable against blades and heat, less porous than wood surfaces and offers easy replacement of damaged tiles. A popular choice for bathroom remodel projects as well.


A little pricier, granite is even more solid but requires occasional sealing to prevent stains. It lends a unique and natural look but its heavy weight means you’re going to need to build a sturdy cabinet setup for ample support.


Elegant and exceptional for baking thanks to its ability to fend off heat, marble makes a beautiful choice for many homes. Like granite, it’s stain-susceptible and may not be the best choice for your entire remodel.

Stainless Steel

Integrity Restoration, Inc says that quite expensive but nearly bulletproof, stainless is both heat- and bacteria-resistant and lends a truly modern aesthetic. If dents and metal-on-metal noise are undesirable, however, you should probably consider alternatives.

Any kind of home remodel is an involved process with many choices to make. For a smooth, stress-free kitchen remodel, be sure to perform plenty of research and decide what’s right based on your family’s needs and your own sense of interior style.

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